Neil Sadler

No Machine is owned and run by me, Neil Sadler.

I have been in the recording game for many years, working at CBS, Air Studios, Sarm (Trevor Horn), Maison Rouge (Jethro Tull) and the majority of London studios with many well-known artists before setting up No Machine Studios in 1994

No Machine covers all genres of music from metal to blues, from folk to musicals and all stops in between.

Whether you are interested in recording demos, singles, albums, jingles or voiceovers, I can help you all the way through to in-house mastering.
Whatever your recording needs
No Machine delivers the product you need at realistic prices.

Who has recorded at no machine?

Since 1994 a vast number of artists have passed through the studio including :-

  • Laura Marling ( Recorded demos before being signed ),

  • Justin Hayward,

  • Don Black ( Eurovision Demos ),

  • Les Reed,

  • Barry Mason,

  • Surfing Lungs ( 2 Albums ),

  • Larry Miller ( 6 Albums ),

  • Eric Street Band ( 3 Albums ),

  • Christian Silva ( Singles ),

  • Warblefly ( 4 Albums)

To name just a few...


A selection of various microphones to suit recording techniques including :- 

NeumannU87,   NeumannU47,   Joe Meek JM 47,   AKGC414,   AKGD112,   AKGC451,  Audio Technics AT811,   Audio Technics AT812,   Sure SM57,   Sure SM58

Desk :-         56 channel Mackie     System :-  Mac G5 with Audio Logic       

Monitors :-  Tannoy SRM 12XandTeledyne AR18LS

Available back line includes Marshall and Fender Amps.

Tracks recorded at no machine

These are just a few sample tracks of artists that have recently recorded at our studios. There have been a great many and this selection demonstrates just some of the varying styles of artists we work with.

Each recording session is unique and tailored to the artist and sound required